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If you find that your page content shows up as tiny fleck on the wide expanse of the screen, or if it's so big you have to scroll both ways, there's help. All modern browsers allow you to zoom a page in or out.

On a touchscreen device, that's easy. Otherwise, here is how it's done:

A word of caution: Zooming can sometimes have strange effects on the layouts of pages. If that happens, it might be best to reset the zoom to 100%.

The Javascript Divide

Almost all modern web sites increasingly use JavaScript to make your user experience more pleasurable, and most users do have JavaScript enabled in their browsers. There are also valid reasons why some decide against it.

Without JavaScript, your computer may be better protected against harmful software. However, a number of websites will either not work at all, or be forced to show content in less fun or beautiful ways.

One option is to allow JavaScript for trusted websites only. Firefox users can install an add-on for selective script blocking.

Which Browser to Use

You might be thinking all browsers' purpose is to display websites - why should it matter which one I use? It's not that easy. Browsers are like big machines with lots of complicated parts, and they all churn out websites in different ways. Sometimes beautifully, sometimes not so. It might make sense to try out different browsers to see whether you prefer one over the other.

One big piece of advice though: Always use the most recent version of a browser to get the most support for fast advancing technologies.

Here are a few installation links that might come in handy:

Note that you can easily have more than one browser installed on your computer.

Tracking You

A great deal is going on behind the scenes inside your computer these days. As soon as you go on the Internet, all sorts of robot programs are lining up to enter your computer, explore data, and report it back to advertisement companies and the like. There's also a growing number of tools that can help prevent that.

Note that turning off third party cookies will disable the Facebook like-button on websites.

Credits and Resources

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This site uses the following free software:

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Graphics, Photography:

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And then, there's me, Katrin Boneau ( I made this site. Hope you like it!

Katrin Boneau | Web Designer

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